How to Meditate Your Way to Mindfulness (in Anoka)

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How to Meditate Your Way to Mindfulness (in Anoka)

(For Evidence-based research on Mindfulness–Keep Reading)

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

There are many types of meditation. Mindfulness Meditation is one type. It aims to create just that-mindfulness. The goal in Mindfulness Meditation in Anoka is to create a sense of mindfulness, to feel at-ease– despite what is going on in our own head (our thoughts) or what is going on around us (our environment).

  • Paying attention to the present moment – being TRULY AWARE in it
  • Accepting your thoughts & feelings – with NO JUDGEMENT

Thoughts will take you away.

It is OKAY.

Have PATIENCE with yourself.

It gets easier to stay in the moment, the longer you practice.

Why Meditate?

  • Eases Chronic pain
  • Relieves Stress
  • Decreases Anxiety
  • Adjunct therapy for Depression
  • May help Lower blood pressure
  • Help Post Trumatic Stress Disorder PTSD symptoms

National Institute of Health (NIH) study on effectiveness of Acupuncture on High Blood Pressure


Mindfulness meditation can be achieved using different methods and you can choose which works best for you. Here are two:

  • Focus on the Breath
  • Body scan

Focusing on the breath technique is as simple as it gets; just focus on being aware of your in-breath & again on your out-breath.

No need for deep-inhalation or any attempt to control the breath. The idea here is not to control the breath, just to observe it.

Body scan technique focuses attention on the physical body, from head slowly down to one’s toes. Usually sitting or lying down is preferred. Watch a 10-minute, 5-minute or 3-minute body scan video at

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What Mindfulness Meditation is NOT

Mindfulness Meditation is not about trying to escape one’s thoughts.

It is about becoming aware of these thoughts…without judging them.

It is about tuning into the present moment and…being aware in the actual moment itself…not ruminating about the past…nor dreaming about, fretting about or planning our future in our thoughts.

These thoughts will come up…A LOT…for beginners.

That’s OKAY.

In time, these thoughts become less invasive.

It gets EASIER… to stay in the present…to stay mindful.


How does Mindfulness Meditation Work?

Need some evidence-based research to convince you to get started?

Watch a Ted Talk with Dr. Sara Lazar of Harvard Medical School for her research on meditation and increased cortical thickness. Watch Ted Talk here:

Read studies done by the American Mindfulness Research Association (AMRA):


Why Meditate (What’s in it for me)?

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Meditate to become happier, be less critical of yourself, less judgmental in your thoughts, reduce stress, ease depression & anxiety and helps post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) survivors with symptoms of avoidance and hyperarousal. Read this in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs at

  • RELAX… Reduce stress and muscle tension pain in Anoka.
  • FREE-Meditate because it is free & can be done ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.


…Meditate because it increases your ability to maintain focus in other areas of your life, like work, school or listening to others (can help relationships)

Studies have shown meditation increases standardized test scores, too.

  • PAIN

Meditate to reduce pain. Read American Mindfulness

Research Association’s evidence-based research showing how meditation reduced pain at:


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Written by Aleesha Ackerman, Lac.


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