Homemade Bone Soup Better than Glucosamine? (In Anoka)


Bone Soup – Better than Glucosamine? (In Anoka)

bone broth

Why supplement with Bone soup? (Recipe at End)

  • Nutrient-dense supplement food!
  • Easy
  • $ave Money
  • Natural Minerals!
  • Heals Your Gut
  • Improve Beauty of Nails, Hair, & Teeth
  • Improve Bones & Relieve Joint Pain in Anoka!

Nutrient-dense Super food

Home-made Bone Soup has been used to balance minerals in the body, long before there was such a thing as Glucosamine & Chondroitin joint supplements! … Long before we could buy magnesium or calcium pills.


Bone soup is one of the Highest Quality Forms Available of Glucosamine, chondroitin, magnesium, calcium, gelatin, etc. …All important for digestive health…to help us Feel Good!

Easy to Make

You already have the whole chicken you roasted, Right?

…Might as well get all the money you can out of that organic, free-range, local chicken—by using up the carcass of bones and organs.


You Save More by using what’s left over from your chicken (the carcass), than to buy pre-made bone stock…. $ave on price of supplements…

Valuable Nutrients (Minerals, Amino Acids & Proteins)

Magnesium & Calcium

for Bone Health & Anxiety

Glucosamine & Chondroitin

for Osteoarthritis & Joint Health

Arginine… Hyaluronic acid

for immunity & wound-healing

Collagen…Gelatin… & Keratin

for Wrinkle Prevention, Hair & Skin Beauty

(All found in home-made bone Soup)

Drink this to help balance missing Nutrients from the modern-day diet!

Ackerman Acupuncture treats joint pain near Andover, MN.


Healthier to make yourself than store-bought

  • carton broth/stock or bouillon cubes, which are full of MSG, oil and chicken flavor


(Why Does CHICKEN Need Chicken Flavor??!)

  • Plus, buying your own local, organic, free-range poultry ensures quality. After all, you are cooking down the bones to make a concentrated liquid supplement… so it had better be of High Quality–it’s concentrated!

Buying poultry that was fed a high quality diet (organic)

+ provided a quality lifestyle (free range, hormone-free)

= high quality nutrients for you…and your Gut

2015 BridgeoverWater

Digestive Problems are more common these days…

…Convenient boxed soup stock and bouillon cubes

replacing…good old home-made bone soup…

leads to…Rise in Poor Digestion 

Leaky Gut is found in

Thyroid Diseases/ Issues

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Ackerman Acupuncture in Anoka helps Thyroid imbalance by using acupuncture, and working together with patients on lifestyle changes, including improving diet and learning stress management.

Anxiety and Insomnia can also benefit from bone soup

(anxiety often involves mineral(s) deficiency).

2015 MediaAnxiety

Ackerman Acupuncture helps anxiety, insomnia and mild to moderate depression in Anoka.

Better Hair, Nails, Teeth, Joints & Bones…

These nutrients also help with Beauty of Hair, Nails & Teeth.

Keratin for Hair & Nails, Minerals to strengthen Teeth, Joints and Bones… (Keratin isn’t just in shampoo & nail treatments).

Bone Soup Recipe…


Healing Bone Broth Recipe 

  1. Start with a locally raised, free-range pastured WHOLE chicken, turkey, duck or goose. Cook poultry in roasting pan in oven, using meat for meals. Save the leftover carcass and bones. *Local butchers or Farmer’s Market may also have bones available if you are not interested in the meat part.
  1. Place already-roasted carcass and bones (about 2 lbs.) in a pot or a crockpot. *In my experience, a pot is preferred as crock pot gets too hot. Add enough filtered water to cover the bones. Add 2 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar (to break down & release valuable minerals from bone). Let sit for 20 minutes before cooking.
  1. Optional: Add a chopped carrot, celery stick, salt, pepper, herbs and spices.
  1. Bring to a vigorous boil in a large stock pot (at least 8 Quart) over the stove. Reduce to simmer (small bubbles gently breaking the surface) about 24 hours (I refrigerate at night and resume boiling again the next day, on my day off).
  1. Check every 20 minutes and adjust temperature until water is gently boiling. Add water, as needed to keep filled just above bones. Skim scum from the top as needed and discard.
  1. *Optional: Add parsley and garlic during the last hour of cooking.
  1. Remove from heat and strain out any bone fragments and vegetables in a fine metal strainer.
  1. Cool enough to handle, store in lidded glass jars in the refrigerator and use within less than one week or freeze in gallon freezer bags/freezer storage containers and use in less than one month (I freeze in ice cube trays, then dump into freezer bags to use later for sipping, or to add flavor to soups, stir fry or sauces).

* Bone broth provides minerals such as: calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon and trace minerals. (Most of us are deficient in magnesium).

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Written by Aleesha Ackerman, Lac.


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