Relief for TMJ Jaw Pain and Headaches with Acupuncture (near Andover, MN)

Relief of TMJ Facial Jaw Pain and Headaches with Acupuncture


What is TMJ?

TMJ refers to Temporal Mandibular Joint (disorder). TMJ usually refers to pain in the jawbone, mandibular joint of the jaw, facial pain and headache.

Causes of TMJ?

TMJ sufferers may have an abnormal jaw hinge which allows the jaw to open too wide. Once this happens it may be difficult to close the jaw again. Temporary pain may come and go in the jaw area. Dental work may worsen symptoms, as patient may open the mouth too wide.

  • Issue within the Jaw joint (or abnormal disc within)

  • Dental work (opening jaw too wide)

  • Bruxism (grinding or clenching teeth)

  • Over-use (chewing gum)

  • Stress (causing clenched teeth-day or night)

  • Issue with both Muscle and Joint issue

What is TMD?

The wear and tear on the upper and lower jaw joints can lead to Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorders (TMD). TMD is simply a more precise term for “TMJ.”

TMJ and TMD are considered the same thing.

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Symptoms of TMJ

  • Jaw pain

  • Pain worse when you first wake up

  • Clicking or “Pop” noise with opening mouth

  • Mouth becomes “stuck” in open position

  • Pain with chewing

  • Pain at Rest or while using Jaw

  • Facial muscle pain (myofascial)

  • Headaches

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  • Pain in temples

  • Pain above ears

  • Neck pain

Accompanying Symptoms may include…

  • Stress
  • Intermittent Ringing in the Ears (Tinnitus)
  • Acupuncture for Tinnitus and Headache with Neck Pain Testimonial

  • Shoulder muscle tension pain
  • Joint pain

Stress and Jaw Pain-Get Help!

Dental Pain and Acupuncture

  • Acupuncture works well to treat headache pain due to Post-op Dental Care
  • Acupuncture helps relax facial muscles to reduce muscle tension in the jaw

Acupuncture helps resolve jaw pain due to clenching from Anxiety in Anoka.

Anxiety and Acupuncture

Often Anxiety and TMJ headache and jaw pain will go together. As stress builds up, Anxiety increases and TMJ pain follows. Acupuncture in Anoka treats Anxiety.

TMJ Trigger Points

Is your pain due to TMJ? TMJ pain can be felt in key places on the face and head. Acupuncture treats these trigger points and acupuncture points to reduce TMJ pain. These are the most commonly reported TMJ pain areas:

  • Temples
  • Jaw (where upper and lower meet)
  • Above the ear
  • Neck

Other Reasons for Pain of Jaw, Face and Head

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Self-Care Tips

  • Mouth guard (at night) may help avoid Bruxism
  • Meditate Daily
  • Get Acupuncture from a Licensed Acupuncturist
  • Stay Hydrated!
  • Try adding Magnesium supplement
  • Rest tongue on roof of mouth
  • Deep breathing daily

How to Meditate Your Way to Mindfulness

In order to reduce muscle tension in the head and facial muscles, meditate each day (focus on releasing muscle tension).


  • Chewing gum!
  • Caffeine (if this is a trigger for you)
  • Refined sugar (may dehydrate/ cause headache)
  • Stress!

Acupuncture treats facial pain, jaw pain, joint pain and arthritis, muscle tension pain, sinus pressure pain and headaches, TMJ pain, tinnitus (Ringing or Whooshing sound in ears) and neck pain in Anoka.

Acupuncture is an effective treatment for Stress and Anxiety in Anoka, MN. Call today for a Free Consultation at 763-477-1338 or Schedule online.

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Written by Aleesha Ackerman, LAc

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Aleesha Ackerman, LAc specializes in treating headaches due to many causes. She also treats back painanxiety and many hormonal imbalance issues and goes over food therapy and lifestyle with her patients.

Mike Ackerman, LAc specializes in Sports Injury and Pain, foot pain such as Plantar Fasciitis, back pain, neck pain and Sciatic pain.


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