Acupuncture and Massage Therapy for Sciatic Pain in Blaine, MN.

Is this sciatic pain?

Sciatica Pain feels like a shooting pain going down the leg. Pain is usually felt in only one leg. Often stemming from the low back, pain travels from the hip, down the leg. Pain can travel straight down the outside of the leg or pain can travel down the buttock to the back of the leg…OR… pain can be felt radiating down the outside & back of the leg. There can also be a sensation of numbness.

What causes sciatic pain?

Sciatica pain is caused by the sciatic nerve, the longest in the body. The nerve branches from the back of the pelvis, through the buttocks, down each leg and ending at the ankles. This nerve easily becomes pinched or entrapped. The pinched nerve causes pain and can lead to numbness. Commonly, a herniated disk compresses the nerve.

Sciatic pain is common after pregnancy or after lifting a heavy object. Expert acupuncturists at Ackerman Acupuncture and Massage help relieve pain due to nerve entrapment and nerve impingement so you may return to your daily life and return to wellness.

Risk factors:

  • Age. Herniated disks increase with age due to degeneration of the spine
  • Overweight. Extra body weight increases stress on the spine
  • Sitting for prolonged periods or a sedentary lifestyle
  • Incorrect lifting technique may trigger sciatica
  • Diabetes increases risk of nerve damage
  • Pregnancy may trigger sciatica
  • Physical Occupation with heavy lifting and twisting

Can acupuncture help sciatic pain?

Yes, acupuncture and massage are effective at relieving pain due to sciatica and is recognized by the National Institute of Health as relieving back pain, including sciatica.

How many acupuncture treatments will you need?

It is important to get acupuncture sooner, rather than later at Ackerman Acupuncture and massage with sciatica pain. The sooner you are treated, the less treatments you will typically need. As with most issues, the longer it continues, the more chronic of a condition it becomes and hence, the more treatments it may need to resolve.

How soon will you notice results?

You should notice a significant difference in sciatic pain within two to four visits in Blaine.

What else can you expect at your visit?

At Ackerman Acupuncture and massage we relieve your pain, go over proper stretching techniques to help relieve pain and help prevent future inflammation of the sciatic nerve.

Diet therapy according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (T.C.M.) may also be discussed to ensure that you are doing your part to nourish your body to promote healing and prevent recurrence of sciatic nerve inflammation and sciatic pain.


Be sure to keep active by:

  • Walking
  • Light stretching

(Click link for Stretches for sciatica relief)

When to see a doctor

  • Weakness or loss of feeling in affected leg
  • Pain after trauma, such as auto accident
  • Loss of bowel or bladder function

Acupuncture and Massage treats back pain, hip pain and sciatica

The needles clear blocked energy pathways to open the flow of energy in order to relieve back pain and hip pain due to sciatica and restore balance to the body. Acupuncturists in Anoka treat you for pain relief and wellness.

You are sure to have a relaxing treatment in Blaine. Schedule your acupuncture appointment now at Ackerman Acupuncture in Anoka to relieve pain today and relax.
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