Fibromyalgia: Why Get Acupuncture Medical Treatment (near Andover, MN)?

Fibromyalgia: Why Get Acupuncture Medical Treatment (near Andover, MN)?

Hope for Fibromyalgia…

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What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a disorder that often involves history of physical and/or emotional trauma, many have suffered a series of events of physical trauma with history of inflammation and disease in the family, such as Depression, Diabetes, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (P.O.T.S.), Rheumatoid Arthritis (R.A.), Thyroid disease and Cancer.


  • Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Low Mood
  • “Brain Fog”
  • Digestion Issues

At Risk:

  • Infection
  • Physical Trauma
  • Genetics
  • Females

The Mayo Clinic lists Acupuncture as an Alternative Medicine for Fibromyalgia.

Here is a good explanation from the Mayo Clinic

 What causes Fibromyalgia Pain?


Fibromyalgia has Western medical doctors perplexed

Conventional Western medical treatments include:

  • pain medications
  • anti-depressants

Watch this Acupuncture treatment for Fibromyalgia


How Acupuncturists treat Fibromyalgia

Acupuncture approaches Fibromyalgia using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) disease patterns in order to treat NOT ONLY THE SYMPTOMS, but also the ROOT CAUSE and TREATS BOTH at the same time.

Acupuncture treats both Symptoms & Root Cause of Fibromyalgia.

…This allows the body to continue balancing itself even after acupuncture treatments.

Licensed Acupuncturists ask many questions in the patient interview process in order to determine the cause(s) of Fibromyalgia in order to treat the pain, low energy, mood and precursors to this in Anoka, MN.

Fibromyalgia often involves history of physical and/or emotional trauma, many have suffered a series of events of physical trauma with history of auto-immune disease or inflammation-type disease in the family, such as Depression, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Cancer.

About 90% are deficient in Magnesium…

Blog 2016 02 26 Magnesium

Fibromyalgia has been linked to Magnesium deficiency.

Learn more about Magnesium & Why You Need it 

Ackerman Acupuncture and Massage Wellness Center in Anoka sells Magnesium.

How Science Explains Acupuncture and Pain-Relief…

Pain is relieved by stimulating acupuncture points. This prompts nerve fibers in the extremities to communicate with the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland (at the base of the brain).

Whether your Fibromyalgia pain involves a history of physical trauma due to auto accident, injury or surgery, emotional trauma due to past abuse, P.T.S.D. or other, acupuncture can help relieve pain and improve energy and mood along with helping the individual’s body to balance itself.

Written by Aleesha Ackerman, LAc

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